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Section I Use of English


Read the following text. Choose the best word (s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

Fluid intelligence is the type of intelligence that has to do with short-term memory and the ability to think quickly, logically, and abstractly in order to solve new problems. It  1   in young adulthood, levels out for a period of time, and then  2   starts to slowly decline as we age. But 3   aging is inevitable, scientists are finding out that certain changes in brain function may not be.

One study found that muscle loss and the  4   of body fat around the abdomen are associated with a decline in fluid intelligence. This suggests the  5   that lifestyle factors might help prevent or  6   this type of decline.

The researchers looked at data that  7   measurements of lean muscle and abdominal fat from more than 4,000 middle-to-older-aged men and women and  8   that data to reported changes in fluid intelligence over a six-year period. They found that middle-aged people  9   higher measures of abdominal fat  10   worse on measures of fluid intelligence as the years  11  .

For women, the association may be  12   to changes in immunity that resulted from excess abdominal fat; in men, the immune system did not appear to be  13  . It is hoped that future studies could  14   these differences and perhaps lead to different  15   for men and women.

16  , there are steps you can  17   to help reduce abdominal fat and maintain lean muscle mass as you age in order to protect both your physical and mental  18  . The two highly recommended lifestyle approaches are maintaining or increasing your  19   of aerobic exercise and following Mediterranean-style  20   that is high in fiber and eliminates highly processed foods.

1. [A] pauses                    [B] returns                      [C] peaks                         [D] fades

2. [A] alternatively            [B]formally                       [C]accidentally                [D] generally

3. [A] while                       [B] since                          [C] once                          [D] until

4. [A] detection                [B] accumulation              [C] consumption             [D] separation

5. [A] possibility               [B] decision                      [C] goal                           [D] requirement

6. [A] delay                      [B] ensure                        [C] seek                          [D] utilize

7. [A] modified                 [B] supported                   [C] included                    [D] predicted

8. [A] devoted                  [B] compared                   [C] converted                  [D] applied

9. [A] with                        [B] above                          [C] by                              [D] against

10. [A] lived                     [B] managed                     [C] scored                      [D] played

11. [A] ran out                  [B] set off                          [C] drew in                     [D] went by

12. [A] superior                [B] attributable                  [C] parallel                     [D] resistant

13. [A] restored               [B] isolated                        [C] involved                    [D] controlled

14. [A] alter                     [B] spread                         [C] remove                     [D] explain

15. [A] compensations    [B] symptoms                    [C] demands                  [D] treatments

16. [A] Likewise              [B] Meanwhile                   [C] Therefore                  [D] Instead

17. [A] change                [B] watch                           [C] count                         [D] take

18. [A] well-being           [B] process                         [C] formation                  [D] coordination

19. [A] level                    [B] love                               [C] knowledge                [D] space

20. [A] design                 [B] routine                          [C] diet                            [D] prescription




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